Black FYF Lash Applicator


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Our black lash applicator tool is your new bestie when it comes to applying FYF Lashes!

This ergonomic, easy to use tool makes applying lashes a breeze whether you're a newbie or fully fledged eye lash wearer! A must have tool for your make up bag.


1. Pick your favourite FYF lash and put it in the applicator, holding it close to the root. 

2. Apply your lash glue and wait for about 40 seconds until it becomes tacky and looks clearer. 

3. Using our lash applicator, align your false with your lash line. 

4. Place the lash on your lash line and press down with the lash applicator using the contoured head. 

5. Allow your glue to dry before applying any more make up to your eye area. 


* FYF lash applicator pictured with our BABE lashes 


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